Activity packages - World of Hospitality

Pick and choose your activities

A variety of exciting activities and excursions are scheduled in the afternoons and evenings. Action-packed adventure days, cultural trips, and hands-on creative workshops will open your eyes to a world of new possibilities and create unforgettable memories you’ll treasure for a lifetime.  Each week a new activity package is available for you to choose from, so you can create a program that best fits your interests and goals!


Sample program of the week









Visit of the Montreux Jazz Festival

Visit of the start up center in Lausanne




Chocolate Tasting Cailler

Visit of a watch making company




Palace Experience in Lausanne

Guest Lecture of an entrepreneur




Vineyard Visit

How to raise capital




Alimentarium Workshop

Olympic Museum




The Swiss Hospitality Excellence program will enable you to discover many opportunities of the hospitality industry. You will learn why Switzerland is the number 1 destination to study this field. You will meet industry leaders, visits companies who will share with you how they became leaders of their field by implementing a proper customer care and ensuring their clients are at the center of everything they do.

In close collaboration with the Swiss Education Group, you will taste what hospitality studies are about. You will discover a perfect environment of studies that combine Swiss know how and international expertise.


In the 21st century, the labor market evolves very quickly. In this spirit, more and more young people choose the freedom as well as the responsibility of entrepreneurship. In this class, you will learn about life as an entrepreneur and the creation of your business, following the examples of the greatest businessmen in history. Using the theoretical knowledge, you will have the opportunity to develop your ideas into a potential project. 

Leadership, also known as the art of influencing, is something you can learn, develop and master! This introduction course will not only teach you more about yourself, your character and what it takes to be a leader but will also challenge you in various ways. During the week you will take personality tests, do communication workshops, public speaking and group project

These two programs will alternate every week and willl be combined with sight visits, inspriational experience and the discovery of Swiss gems.