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What to expect

Learn how to devise a business plan, how to be an innovative thinker, and the role of design in new product and service development.

Classes take place in the mornings, with a variety of exciting activities and excursions scheduled in the afternoons and evenings. Each week a new activity package is available so that you can discover new destinations, sports, and experiences – and make new friends for life.

Course outline

Classes take place in the mornings, Monday to Friday, in the form of four 45-minute lessons, for a total of 20 lessons per week. 


WEEK 1: Business Entrepreneurship

This week will prepare you for a career as a business creator and developer. Our experienced teaching staff will focus on developing your knowledge and skills in three key areas. First, the ability to identify and address the main issues faced by small, family, and entrepreneurial businesses; second, how to evaluate the viability of a business; and finally, how to create a start-up business plan, covering key elements such as financing, marketing, and organisational structure. During this week you will meet entrepreneurship experts, visit starts-up, and work on developing your own business plan.


WEEK 2: Innovation Case Studies 

This week the focus is on the value of innovation, and how to become a creative thinker and problem-solver. Entrepreneurs and our own experts will take you through case studies of companies who have done things their own way, giving you the insights needed to leverage innovation within your own business. You will understand its importance in relation to people management, technologies, customer satisfaction, concept creation, standard operating procedures, and more. By the end of the week you will be able to assess and analyse problems using a creative mindset.


WEEK 3: Design Thinking 

Design thinking is an important approach to new product and service development, and is only possible if you first understand your customer’s needs. This human-centered design process encompasses concept development, applied creativity, prototyping, and experimentation.

During this week, you will learn to identify current and future trends in design, and will also take a look at the impact COVID-19, an ecofriendly mindset, and sustainable materials, have on products and design processes. Once you have gained these insights and skills you will work on a project to create “the hotel room of tomorrow”.



This region of Switzerland offers beautiful landscapes, picturesque mountain villages, and sparkling lakes. Every Saturday, students who are continuing on another week take part in a day long excursion. Destinations are alternated, and include city trips to Bern, the Swiss capital, Lausanne, the world's best small city, or Geneva, home of the International Red Cross and the world-famous water jet.

Evening activities

The evening is the best time of the day to relax, have fun, and enjoy the atmosphere of the program. Activities include an evening by the lake, a Casino Night, a talent show, Olympiads, cinema nights and karaoke. Evening activities are optional, however, they are a great bonding opportunity as well as an integral part of community life.

On Friday, the evening opens with a graduation ceremony where certificates are given out, followed by a gala dinner and a fun disco celebration.


Other Information

  • Dates 2022

    • Summer Session

      June 27-August 12

  • Fees


      1 week:
      CHF 2,950

      2 weeks:
      CHF 5,600

      3 weeks:
      CHF 7,950


      ●Accommodation in double standard rooms (for deluxe or single rooms: please see below) ●Breakfast, lunch, dinner on weekdays; brunch and dinner on weekends ●Weekend excursions ●Evening social activities 


      Afternoon activity packages

      Find out more about all our activity packages here.

      ENJOY: Included in the fees
      INNOVATION: CHF 175 / week
      DISCOVER: CHF 225 / week


      Accommodation Double Room
      Standard: Included in fees
      Deluxe: CHF 150 / week

      Single Room
      Standard: CHF 150 / week
      Deluxe: CHF 250 / week


      Enrolment Fees
      Will be charged only once for members of the same family: CHF 125


      Transfers to Montreux
      Geneva airport to Montreux CHF 195 / one way


      SEA branded Welcome Package

      T-shirt, face mask, pencil, bottle: CHF 125


      Health Insurance
      Compulsory for non-EU residents: CHF 50 / week